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NYS Educational Media Technology Association

School Improvement through Media Technology


Executive Board/General Membership Meeting
June 11, 2015, 10:00 am @ CNYRIC 6075 E. Molloy Rd, Syracuse

EMTA Spring Conference - March 14-16, 2016 @ Embassy Suites, Syracuse



The New York State Educational Media Technology Association (EMTA) annually awards two $1,000 media literacy grants to K-12 educators within New York state.  Our most recent recipients were Pioneer Middle School in Yorkshire, NY and Bay Shore Middle School in Bay Shore, NY.

Pioneer Middle School’s school librarian, Maria Muhlbauer’s collaborative media literacy project was with the schools seventh grade ELA classes.  The project combined scholarly research on social issues with the creation of a public service announcement on a social issue.  Students learned how to access reliable, un-biased information about a social issue and then applied their writing and technology skills in order to create a PSA.  The expected outcomes for the project included a better understanding of plagiarism and using reliable sources, increased technology skills, greater collaboration skills, and a better understanding of media literacy and bias.  The grant enabled the school to be able to purchase a pocket camcorder, tie clip microphone, and video editing software.

Bay Shore Middle School’s school librarian, Kristina Holzweiss’s grant was part of a collaborative project with her building’s eighth grade social studies teachers.  The project expectations were for student to better understand the key events of World War II and how leaders used media to persuade their followers.  Students learned how to use appropriate research techniques, note-taking strategies, collaborated using appropriate leadership skills, used their strengths to make positive contributions to their group project, used technology including video equipment, editing software, writing skills, and met many Common Core Standards while also having fun.  The grant enabled the school to be able to purchase a multi-use video camera, green screen, microphone, and some supplies.

At the December 8 EMTA meeting, we had the opportunity to view presentations from both grant recipients via video conference.  Pioneer Middle School Librarian, Maria Muhlbauer shared one of her student’s PSA’s on preventing suicide.  This was very moving.  Bay Shore Middle School librarian, Kristina Holzweiss shared that after her social studies project was completed, she was able to create a makerspace in her library using the green screen and video cameras.  Both grants promise to have ongoing positive impact in the schools.

EMTA Spring Conference 2015 Photos

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The EMTA Believes

  • Educational media and technology are inseparable.
  • Educators who integrate media and technology into their instruction enhance and support learning for students with a wide range of abilities and learning styles.
  • Educational media/technology programs support educators and students every day and provide resources and services that correlate to state and national learning standards for instructional excellence.
  • Media/technology professionals:
    • Support educators and students in the proficient use of media and technology.
    • Provide dynamic leadership in current and evolving technologies.
    • Need to collaborate with each other, corporate/business partners, the public sector, and other service providers to ensure quality services.
    • Need a collective voice to advance our contributions to quality learning experiences for students.

    Our Strategic Goals

    • Support State Education Department efforts to promote change through the implementation of the New York State Learning Standards.
    • Actively promote opportunities for the professional and staff development of its membership.
    • Provide opportunities for the professional and staff development of its membership.
    • Enhance the image of BOCES media/technology services.
    • Support initiatives that promote the cooperation of Regional Media/Technology Centers and Association Corporate partners.
    • Expand and strengthen its role in the media/technology field.


Alicia Levi, PBS and
Chris Kaleta, OCM BOCES
January 2013

Alicia Levi, PBS demonstrates features
of PBS Learning Media to EMTA members
at Madison-Oneida BOCES
January 2013


Judy Marsh, Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES & Linda Tyler, Madison-Oneida BOCES

2011 EMTA Media Literacy
Grant Winner
Randal Tyner of Jackson Heights Elementary School, Glens Falls School District shares his website at the NYSCATE Poster Session
in Rochester


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